The miles add up

This commercial caught my attention recently. I immediately downloaded it and have played it repeatedly. It makes me laugh, it make me cry…I’m trying to discern why. (ohhh that rhymes…)

Here are some thoughts: It shows the diversity of the human condition; and I have come to love that. Babies, young people, all genders, different ethnicities; people with friends, people alone, etc. The first laughing person is a baby with no teeth, and the last one is an old man with no teeth. We start in diapers and we end in diapers… 🙂

But laughter is an interesting element to me. I think it’s highly underrated. I was thinking of an old friend recently; looking at some of his pictures on Facebook, and I thought of this about him- remembering times together in another life long ago…

“he laughed easily”

I think that may be one of the greatest compliments we can give someone. You laugh well… you make me laugh.

I have come to think lately that I don’t laugh enough. And I want to take steps to correct that. “It’s not the miles, it’s how you live them.” So very, very true. We get one life. We only have so many miles on this old car…how are we gonna live them?

There has been a lot of pain in my life in the last few years. Some of it self-inflicted…most of it not. Pain does some crazy stuff to us. And it can make me become a person I don’t want to be; a person I don’t like…a person who doesn’t laugh well.

I want to laugh well. I don’t want to waste the miles I have left.

I guess I will buy a Volkswagen…


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3 Responses to The miles add up

  1. digvb31 says:

    I love that commercial as well. It says a lot about life in a very short time. One of the best laughing moments in my memory is you,me, and my dad playing video golf and he would get his driver swapped to a wedge on the tee.Its just like Reader’s Digest says…Laughter, The Best Medicine

  2. carmen says:

    Hi Dave! I laugh often and well (even uproariously on occasion). I figure people will either think I’m happy or half crazy. Guess what else? I own a Volkswagen!
    I also agree with digvb31 – laughter really IS the best medicine. (OK, so one can toss in a little vino now and again. . . )

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